There are 4 issues published each year in print and digital form.

After 26 years' publishing this remains a very small market and there is no shopping cart available yet. If you are unsure about making payment, please email peter@nztroutfisher.co.nz to set your subscription up. The publisher is willing to send goods in advance of payment to any location in good faith - once!

PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS: NZ $32; Oz $45; Worldwide $48

These prices are in New Zealand Dollars -- here’s the ANZ Bank Calculator to convert.


NZ CHEQUES may be mailed with orders to: Trout Fisher Magazine 1 Ronald Road RD 5 Rotorua 3076

DIRECT CREDITS may be made to P W Storey & Associates (Swift Code: ANZBNZ22)  010295 0081097 00 at the ANZ Bank, Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ. Please email delivery details to peter@nztroutfisher.co.nz


All transactions are processed inside the Flo2Cash secure zone. Here's a sample screen based on a previous NZ 1Yr Print option:

There is no delivery facility inside this company's safe zone.

You will get a receipt after making the transaction and the publisher gets notification of a sale.

Please type your email address in 'Particulars' or email peter@nztroutfisher.co.nz to set up delivery.

NEW ZEALAND 1Yr PRINT $32 (delivery by permit mail) . . .   BUY IT 

AUSTRALIA & SOUTH PACIFIC 1Yr PRINT $45 (delivery by airmail) . . .   BUY IT     

REST OF THE WORLD 1Yr PRINT $48 (delivery by airmail) . . .   BUY IT 

1 Year GROUP SUBSCRIPTIONS equating to $6.00 per issue are also available to NZ residents, whereby 2 or more copies are sent to one address. Please email peter@nztroutfisher.co.nz to set these up.

DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: NZ $32; Oz $45; Worldwide $48

Cheques and direct credits as above.

Credit/Debit card links:-

NEW ZEALAND 1Yr DIGITAL $24 (delivery by email) . . .   BUY IT 

ELSWHERE 1Yr DIGITAL $24 (delivery by email) . . .   BUY IT     (differentiation for accounting purposes)



All subscriptions are personally handled by the publisher. Please contact him to cancel orders.

Refunds equal to the remaining credit balance will be made if notification is received by the publisher before each supply is made.

Any print copy supplied with manufacturing defects will be replaced free of charge on return.

The publisher accepts no responsibility for any damage that may occur during while in transit to the customer or in the customer's mail box.


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