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Issue 181 of N Z's only dedicated trout fishing magazine

on sale nationwide from 19 May to 20 August 2022.

This issue sees the reintroduction of a clear discount in the New Zealand subscription in a deliberate attempt to reduce the inherrent waste of the sale-or-return retail regime. In house digital subscriptions are also reinstated through the Trout Fisher web app. The magazine can now also be read through a Fisherman's Channel subscription.

The publisher has about 60 single print copies available for purchase.

What's in it

Privately owned, its quarterly mix of feature articles, fixtures and regional columns is available in retail stores throughout the country or by purchasing annual 4 issue subscriptions and single issue copies through the publisher or web app.

Regular contributors: Andrew Harding, Damon Taylor, Garry Scrimgeour, Hannah Waghorn, James Fuller, Les Hill, Mel Hollis, Mick Hall, Mike Weddell, Nick Taransky, Peter Gould, Peter Storey, Simon Hoole, Tony Orman, Tony Smith and Zane Mirfin.

Photographers: Andrew Harding, Les Hill and Zane Mirfin (this image was provided by NZ Fly Ferns).

Issue 182 will be distributed by 20 August. Here's what's in it.




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