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Regular contributors include Andrew Christmas, Andrew Hearne, Belinda Thomas, Daryl French, Dave Barrett, DOC, Fish & Game, Garrett Evans, John Gommans, Mel Hollis, Mike Kirkpatrick, Nick Taransky, Russell McKendry; Stephan Baumberger, Tony Dawson, Tony Orman and Tony Walsh.

Photographers: Andy Trowbridge, David Lambroughton and Nick Reygaert (this is his work).


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Auckland: Rod & Reel; Botany Hunting & Fishing; Hamilton: Fish City; Waikato Hunting & Fishing; Rotorua: Hamill's; Rotorua Hunting & Fishing; Taupo: Fly & Gun Hunting & Fishing; Taupo Rod & Tackle; Hawkes Bay: Guns & Tackle Hunting & Fishing; Rivers to Ranges. Nelson: Nelson Hunting & Fishing; Christchurch: Fisherman's Loft; Gore: Shooters World. (Publisher-supplied; contact us to join.)

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